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Elusive Physical Beast.

To anyone who is thinking of coming out as transgender or non-binary/gender fluid (or anything else that means you’ll likely ‘dress differently’ to what people are currently used to), there is no need for you to jump straight into your ‘new gender’ and totally revamp your wardrobe overnight. I’m saying this because I feel like … Continue reading Elusive Physical Beast.


Transgender day of Visibility 2018

Transgender day of Visibility 2018 Here we are again! A year a later and (for me personally) a year stronger. Since I last blogged (and certainly since last years TDOV post) I’ve moved to a city that is much more diverse and accepting than where I used to live and I’ve started a new job … Continue reading Transgender day of Visibility 2018

The 53

I bumped into a friend on the bus home from work the other day. This person is someone who I’ve known for a while (I used to work in a school they were a student in, that we have both now left) but never known personally until recently, someone who has got to know me … Continue reading The 53

There’s No Need To Panic!

It’s been a while, for no reason other than I haven’t really had much to talk about. When I started this blog it was with the intention of helping people by sharing my story, and also to remind people they aren’t alone. I figured there wouldn’t be any harm in sharing a few of my … Continue reading There’s No Need To Panic!


I know I’d said I’d post regularly but sometimes I just don’t have anything to write about! Sorry about that. Here’s a few random little bits of writing to fill an otherwise impending gap… Firstly, some identification spiel: Some gender fluid/gender neutral people don’t identify as transgender, some of them do. Some people who don’t … Continue reading Matilda.

Bad Blood.

Today I had my first appointment at a gender identity clinic. A few people knew this and they all wanted to know how it went, so this post is is simply so I don’t have to repeat myself as well as explain a bit of what I want out of gender treatment. So, today was … Continue reading Bad Blood.