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Transgender day of Visibility 2018

Transgender day of Visibility 2018 Here we are again! A year a later and (for me personally) a year stronger. Since I last blogged (and certainly since last years TDOV post) I’ve moved to a city that is much more diverse and accepting than where I used to live and I’ve started a new job … Continue reading Transgender day of Visibility 2018


Bad Blood.

Today I had my first appointment at a gender identity clinic. A few people knew this and they all wanted to know how it went, so this post is is simply so I don’t have to repeat myself as well as explain a bit of what I want out of gender treatment. So, today was … Continue reading Bad Blood.

Transgender Day Of Visibility 2017.

Transgender Day Of Visibility 2017.

Firstly, a huge thank you to any one who took the time to read my last post. The shares and responses have been overwhelmingly positive and some of the messages I have received have been some of the nicest things I’ve ever read. I’ve even been given flowers by a dear ex-colleague and had an … Continue reading Transgender Day Of Visibility 2017.

Gender dysphoria and me.

Published for Trans Day Of Visibility, March 31st 2017. I have decided to go public on my battles with mental health. Society seems to be encouraging more and more people to be open with their issues in an attempt to show solidarity and support for one another. I’m hoping that - although my story is … Continue reading Gender dysphoria and me.

Girl Days, Boy Days.

So just thought I'd say hi before I post my story in the next few days. I'm feeling particularly fleeky tonight so y'all get a selfie too... I get what I call 'girl days' and 'boy days,' distinguished simply by what I feel like wearing when I wake up and what mood I'm in. If … Continue reading Girl Days, Boy Days.

Gender neutralism and me.

Well I guess the first post is never going to be very exciting is it. I do however have something to share in the next week or so as 'my bit' for The International Transgender Day of Visibility 2017 on March 31st. I'm going to be posting my story about anxiety, suicide and coming out … Continue reading Gender neutralism and me.