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It’s all up in your head (pt 2).

Okay, so here’s the second part now I’ve got the information I need. As most of you know, I’m a song writer and my favourite part of creating a new piece of music is filling it with words and lyrics. I can put together the music for a song in a matter of minutes but … Continue reading It’s all up in your head (pt 2).



Yesterday was a day. I don’t know what kind of day it was, I think it was good, parts of it were certainly fun but I won’t find out if it was a successful day for another week or so. Yesterday I had a job interview, the first interview I’ve had since coming out, which … Continue reading Morphology.

Long Live The Stag and Hounds. 

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and I couldn't let that go by without posting something, so here's a post. I had a gig last night with my band, Ghost Of The Avalanche, and it was a bitter sweet show because it was the last ever gig we will play at a venue in … Continue reading Long Live The Stag and Hounds. 

Bad Blood.

Today I had my first appointment at a gender identity clinic. A few people knew this and they all wanted to know how it went, so this post is is simply so I don’t have to repeat myself as well as explain a bit of what I want out of gender treatment. So, today was … Continue reading Bad Blood.