Girl Days, Boy Days.

So just thought I’d say hi before I post my story in the next few days. I’m feeling particularly fleeky tonight so y’all get a selfie too…

I get what I call ‘girl days’ and ‘boy days,’ distinguished simply by what I feel like wearing when I wake up and what mood I’m in. If I’m just wearing a hoodie, jeans and flats then it’s a boy day, and usually means it’s a bad day. I’ve been on girl days for quite a few weeks though which is fun because it means I’ll go for heels and a cute skirt or dress and usually something riské underneath to help boost my femininity as well spending time doing my hair as opposed to covering it all up with a hat. I’ve started wearing makeup in public too which is way more fun than I thought it would be!

Any way, that’s enough for now!


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