Elusive Physical Beast.

To anyone who is thinking of coming out as transgender or non-binary/gender fluid (or anything else that means you’ll likely ‘dress differently’ to what people are currently used to), there is no need for you to jump straight into your ‘new gender’ and totally revamp your wardrobe overnight. I’m saying this because I feel like … Continue reading Elusive Physical Beast.

Transgender day of Visibility 2018

Transgender day of Visibility 2018 Here we are again! A year a later and (for me personally) a year stronger. Since I last blogged (and certainly since last years TDOV post) I’ve moved to a city that is much more diverse and accepting than where I used to live and I’ve started a new job … Continue reading Transgender day of Visibility 2018

It’s all up in your head (pt 2).

Okay, so here’s the second part now I’ve got the information I need. As most of you know, I’m a song writer and my favourite part of creating a new piece of music is filling it with words and lyrics. I can put together the music for a song in a matter of minutes but … Continue reading It’s all up in your head (pt 2).

It’s all up in your head (pt 1).

With exception to the main story from where this blog originated from, this is (probably going to be) the first post I write that spans over night. I’m relying on a couple of people to get back to me about things I have asked them and I won’t be able to complete it without their … Continue reading It’s all up in your head (pt 1).